MC Man Paris @ Passion/Rumours reunion,Evesham

n the early 90s there used to be a night club in Brick Kilm street, Evesham,Worcestershire, called Rumours with a night PASSION.Which had some of the biggest djs of the rave scene play every fri/sat night for about 2yrs.DJS / CARLCOX, SEDUCTION, SLIPMAT, ELLIS DEE, STU ALLAN, DJ HYPE, JUMPIN JACK FROST, GROOVERIDER, FABIO, BRYAN G, KENNY KEN, RAY KEITH, COLIN FAVER, MICKEY FINN, TOP BUZZ, DOC SCOTT, DAZ WILLOT & MC MAN PARRIS.. This group has been put together to find the last living members of a club long been closed and to relive some of those oldskool memories from back in the day.If you lived in and around the sleepy little evesham town and liked nights out with the vampires to the early hours then you would have been there watching the water drip from the ceilings while stamping you socks of to the oldskool beat that is and will allways be the beat to many of my pals hearts. PASSION@RUMOURS 90-92 R.I.P..respect to the passion crew..DJ GREG,DJ JUSTIN WELCH,DJ MASS,DJ MARK TURNER,DJ TARA C AND MC MAN PARRIS,MC DOLPH,MC LOON,MC SONIC E,MC SPARKY

Jumpin Jack Frost @ Milwaukees Reunion,Rushden

Rushden gave birth to a ‘Legend’ , an iconic venue in history which has spread love and joy across the UK and afar.

The Milwaukee’s nightclub in Rushden was at the heart of the rave culture in the early 90′s Nurturing ‘The now’ Influential artists, in the early rave scene.

Rushden suffered a huge loss when the club closed down, but ravers carried on in other venues & festivals around the country.

Now, Rushden has a new club Lounge One which will be hosting an array of credible dance events through 2010′…