Crack and Shine international – the holy grail of graffiti books

Graffiti shows no signs of slowing, being one of the most fiercely defended and debated sub-cultures around. Crack and Shine serves as a lovingly researched project, capturing a disarmingly honest look at the world of graff, one which could not be attained by a cooing Sotheby’s dealer, while still maintaining an authenticity to it.

A joint venture from publisher Fred Forsyth and photographer Will Robson-Scott, Crack and Shine International follows up from the much lauded London edition. This time talking to the elite of the scene from all over the world, it’s a must have for hardcore graffers, a gift for your friendly local British Transport Police officer or those simply wanting a unique glimpse into what is a true underground phenomenon

Top 10 Red bull cliff dives

Cliff diving sounds simple — you’d think that all you need is a swimsuit and a suitable ledge to hurl yourself off into the water. However this thrilling and dangerous sport takes gymnastic flexibility, dedication and an insane dose of guts as the pros dive from a death-defying 26 metres or higher into the sea, the equivalent of an eight-storey building.
With the threat of fatal injury looming for every jump, watching cliff diving is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Danny Hart World Championship run

In an exciting mud-filled finale Danny Hart (Great Britain) won Sunday’s 2011 UCI Downhill World Championships in a landslide fashion. Fully 11 seconds up on his nearest competitors, Hart was clearly the least affected by the wet course conditions. Under heavy rains the course became immensely more technical, though Hart was able to navigate the course in his trademark wild-and-loose style to great effect. Other riders weren’t so lucky, with pre-race favorite Aaron Gwinn (United States) crashing twice to give up all hopes at victory. Gee Atherton (Great Britain) also had trouble staying upright, so another year in the World Champion stripes was not to be. Rounding the top three places behind Hart were Damien Spagnolo (France) in 2nd and Sam Blenkinsop (New Zealand) in 3rd.