Custom boomboxes fashioned from vintage suitcases

Mr. SiMo makes BoomCases, beautiful speakers hand-set into old thrift-store suitcases. The cases have been treasure-hunted and are then gutted and re-filled with electronic goodness, ready to be hooked up to any music source with a jack-socket.

The cases can be specced with a variety of speakers to make a 50-Watt or 200-Watt system, come with a rechargeable battery that can run for over eight hours, a USB port for charging your iPod, a volume control and a mains cable.

These vintage speakers also have wonderfully evocative names: The X-Wing, the Swirly Shirly, and theButterscotch Deluxe. Suitcases aren’t the only containers, either. The Gibson Guitar Boom is built into a guitar case, and the amazing Duck Duck Boom is a single, giant speaker busting from a Disney Duck Tales lunchbox.

Depending on configuration, you’ll pay around $300 and up. The custom design service has been pulled right now due to demand, but there are still some off the shelf models to be had. Just the thing for rocking out at grandma’s house.

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